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Company Profile
Suzhou Jinta Metal Working Co., Ltd. is the leading professional manufacturer of Shop fittings and Warehouse Racking in China, Our main products is Supermarket shelf (Gondola shelf), Shopping cart,Warehouse racking and other store fittings used in various supermarkets and stores. Our factory beginning in 1988 ,We'v been in this line for 23 years, Our facotry have employees :400 , Engineers :10. We are always strict with our products quality, and now we have passed the ISO9001 certification and CE Certification. Meanwhile Our products have got the insurance with China Pacific Property Insurance Co.,ltd. Any quality problem the insurance company will paid all the losses all over the wrold, we offer compete services by designing various special and novel shelves according to different requirements of customers.
products list
  • JT-TL-4 Rolling Basket
  • JT-W01
  • JT-W02
  • JT-W04
  • JT-W03
  • JT-W05
  • JT-W06
  • JT-W07
  • JT-W08
  • JT-W09
  • Plastic shopping cart JT-EP-4
  • Dump Bin JT-G40