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How to deal with convenience store dead area?

Convenience Store Dead Corners Are Called Dead Corners Because They Are Not Eye-Catching And Conspicuous Enough To Be Easily Ignored By Customers. In Order To Attract The Attention Of Customers, You Can Add Some Special Decoration, Eye-Catching Signs, Bright Or Colored Lights In The Dead Corner, Which Will Better Attract The Attention Of Customers.

Square Shop Types Are The Least Likely To Have Dead Corners, But Not All People Can Have Such A Perfect Shop, There Are Two Types Of Shops Easy To Produce Cold Areas.

Irregular Stores Are Also Easy To Have Store Dead Corners, The Common Is This L-Shaped Store, Customers Usually Wander Around The Entrance, Rather Than Easily Go To The Corner Of The Cold Area.

Shops In The Display Of Goods, There Will Be Some Customers Can Not See The Dead Corners.

For Example, The Lowest Level Of The Shelf, The Upper Level That The Customer Can’t See Above The Line Of Sight, The Corner With Bad Lighting And So On.

So, How To Use The Dead Corner Of The Convenience Store To Become An Available Resource To Pull Sales And Bring The Dead Back To Life? Golden Tower Shelf To Move.

1. Layout Design Of Convenience Store

The Ideal State Is To Plan Every Inch Of Space At The Beginning Of The Design, And Try To Leave No Dead Corners.

A Shopkeeper’s Shop, The Store Has An Arc Corner, In The Shelf Design, He Also Made An Arc, So That The Transition Between The Shelf And The Category Is Natural.

Customers Are Used To Square, Strip Shelves, See Curved Shelves But Feel Novel, Will Unconsciously Browse Around The Shelf, The Display Of Products Also Appears To Show A 360-Degree Effect.

2. Convenience Store Shelves

In The Choice Of Shelves Can Be Taken Before Low After High Or All The Use Of Low Shelves, Improve The Permeability Of The Dead Corner, So That Customers Can See The Deepest Corner Of The Goods From A Far Place.

It Can Also Be Used In The Front Of The Dead Corner Of The Ground Pile, Pile Head Or Display Basket, This Display Tool Height Is Low, Increasing The Visual And Spatial Permeability.

And The Display Tool Is Easy To Move, Leaving A Wide Enough Channel For Customers To Reach The Dead End. All In All, The Dead Corner Has Been Formed, And It Is The Best Solution To Make It Directly In Front Of The Customer.

3. Reverse Thinking Of Convenience Store Operation

We Are Used To Placing Best-Selling Products And Promotional Products In Prominent Positions In The Store, While Placing Some Unsalable Products On Shelves Or Deep In The Store Where Consumers Cannot Easily Notice Them. This Creates A Vicious Circle In Which The Less Popular The Product, The Less Popular It Is.

Therefore, We Can Take A Reverse Thinking, That Is, To Put The Best Selling Products In The Dead Corner Of The Store.

On The One Hand, The Customer’s Awareness Of The Best-Selling Products Is Relatively High, And Can Quickly Find From The Many Products On The Shelf; On The Other Hand, Unsalable Products Placed In A Prominent Position In The Store Will Increase Customers’ Attention To The Product, And Even Give Customers A “Best-Selling”, Very High-End Impression Of This Product.

Near The Dead Corner, Landmark Signs, Tags And Other Guidance Tools Are Used To Guide The Dead Corner, And The Dead Corner Can Also Be Set As A Customer Rest Area, Put A Few Stools, Convenient For Customers To Rest, But Also Increase The Popularity Of The Dead Corner.