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SKU Single side:1200x500x2000x5(mm)/Double side:1200x1000x1800x5(mm)-1-1-1-1 Category

Hole Supermarket Gondola Display Shelving

Product Name: Supermarket Gondola Display Shelving
Vietnamese Brand: Jinta
Material: Steel
Features:  Double-side/Single-side
Logo: Customized logo
Specifications: Single-side:1200x500x2000x5(mm) Can be customized according to customer requirements
Double-side:1200x1000x1800x5(mm)Can be customized according to customer requirements



Product Description: Gondola display racks are a great solution for storage racks. It is designed for maximum flexibility, stability and durability. Cashiers, vegetable racks and shopping center supporting equipment are all complete sets at reasonable prices. We provide product samples and accept product customization to meet your requirements as much as possible.    Features:
  • Signage: Supermarket Gondola Display Shelving
  • Style: Single Sided/Double Sided
  • Material: Metal
  Applications: The hanger is designed and manufactured using Jinta welding frame technology. It has ISO9001 certification and the minimum order quantity is 20. The hanger display stand is wrapped with plastic film and steel tape for safe packaging and transportation. It has high durability, flexibility and stability, and has a smooth surface. Its installation is also very simple. Rhodola display racks are suitable for both retail stores and warehouses to display products and organize goods. Many retail stores and warehouses are good candidates. It is used to display products in retail stores, organize merchandise in warehouses, and even for exhibitions. It is also very useful in supermarkets, supermarkets and other types of stores. Clothes hangers are also a great way to organize and store any type of business products. It comes in different sizes and colors to suit your business needs.  


  • Minimum order quantity: 20
  • Packaging details: The packaging in the warehouse is plastic packaging film and steel tape.
  • Delivery time:10-30
  • Service: Excellent
  • Structure: independent status
  • Load capacity: high
  • Color: customized

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