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Suzhou Jinta Metal Co., Ltd. to carry out fire emergency drills, build a strong safety line

June 13, 2024 – With the rapid economic development of Suzhou today, the responsibility of enterprises for production safety has become increasingly prominent. Today, a well-organized fire emergency drill kicked off inside Suzhou Jinta Metal Co., Ltd. to educate and train employees how to react quickly in emergency situations such as fire to ensure personal and property safety.

The drill was planned and implemented by the security department of Suzhou Jinta Metal Co., Ltd. and the local fire department. The fire drill was held in the main factory area of the company, and all employees participated in a series of actual fire operations, including evacuation drills, fire extinguisher use, and fire alarm processes. The activities are carried out under the strict supervision of the company’s safety supervisor to ensure that every employee can be trained in a safe environment.

Subsequently, in the simulated fire environment, the employees were divided into different groups and completed a number of emergency drill tasks such as fire alarm, emergency evacuation, on-site fire fighting and first aid for the wounded. The specially set real fire extinguishing link tested the actual operation ability and psychological bearing capacity of the employees.

At the drill site, safety supervisors pay close attention to the safety of each link, and evaluate the efficiency and correctness of the actions of the participants. The whole fire drill is carried out in an orderly manner under strict safety control, which ensures the effect of the drill and the safety of the employees involved.

At the end of the drill, the company’s leaders made a summary speech, emphasizing the importance of safety in production, and expressed appreciation for the enthusiasm and serious attitude of the employees in the drill. At the same time, they also identified several areas that need continuous improvement in future safety management.

Suzhou Jinta Metal Co., Ltd. the successful holding of the fire emergency drill, not only enhanced the employees’ safety awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue ability, but also showed the enterprise’s attention to the life safety and health of employees, providing a solid foundation for the construction of a harmonious and stable production environment. In the future, the company will continue to increase investment in safety production, and implement the policy of “safety first and prevention first” with practical actions to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise.